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A rabbit super-hero? What kind of crazy crap is that?!?!?



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Welcome to my Web site!

Who the heck is Captain Karrot, you ask?!!?

Well, let me tell you - itís me! As a redhead, I was subjected to all kinds of  name-calling: fire-head, carrot top, red-headed step-child, red on the head like the...well, you get the picture. One of the best, however, was Captain Karrot. For some reason I really liked that one. Turns out there was a comic book published in the Ď80ís called Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew. I didnít want to be accused of stealing the name, so I changed the spelling, and here I am.

This is my little haven on the world wide web. It gives me a place to express myself, to show off, and to be a little crazy. Links to my various pages are on the left. Click to find out more about me.





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